Vigorously Knit Sockhead? + PATTERN

It’s called a ‘Sockhead Hat’ & you can find its pattern, here.
I think it should be just plain, “Sockhead”.
*Speads arms out & apart from center as if unveiling the word.*


A good friend of mine, Wyatt, is leaving for a month long trip to Europe tomorrow. Jerk. A few days ago he asked me if I had any beanies made. Long story short, I didn’t get to look until yesterday & it turns out, the beanies I have left are probably not of his interest. So, I am attempting to knit a beanie for him by tomorrow! What did I get myself into.


I started the piece last night (using size 4 circular needles & casting on much less than 144 stitches I presume – I simply counted multiples of 8) just before I went to bed and have only worked on it for a little while today. As of yet, I have just finished the ribbing. The pattern calls for 4 inches which is a little much for my taste; I went with 3. Similarly, 9 more inches of knit after that? A 13 inch long hat + 21 more rounds to finish it off? Holy moly! I know it’s a “slouch” but come on! Alas, maybe I am wrong, & so I shall wait and see. But, I think father time will be the ultimate deciding factor.


I hope to knock the rest of his baby out after I get home from school this evening. On top of any other chance I possibly get before then, of course. & on a side note:


Do you remember when we were discussing about Jane Goodall and her 6 year stay with the monkeys, Wyatt? We were wondering if she had picked up any monkey traits?


I was watching an episode of the Daily Show just recently in which she was the guest. She asked Stewart if he remembered the proper chimp greeting. He did; & they proceeded to monkey hug.

Yeah, I’d say she picked up a few quirks.



Here is the link to the pattern again; just in case you missed it the first time. : ]


I should probably go, I have a Sockhead to vigorously knit.

2 thoughts on “Vigorously Knit Sockhead? + PATTERN

  1. a receptionists are are corporation, from northern ireland, taught me how to knit with string and pencils – i taught my daughter what she showed me… that was a long time ago, daughter knits very intricate patterns these days…

    i like the pattern you are working on…

    David in Maine USA

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